Facing the Truth…

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9/11, War on Terror, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Arabs-Israelli conflict, Axe of Evil, Democracy…..
Perhaps you haven’t seen other versions of the truth, sorry i mean of the crime, careerist detectives must listen to all witness & proofs… be neutral before suspecting innocent people and participating in masking the truth… only innocent victims from civilians pay the bill everywhere… why arabs and muslims didn’t achieve (in America) some terrorist acts like this before the coming of “George Bush”, are they verily coupables, what about the fabrication of an imperfect crime. We have never seen bin laden neither the words of “islamo fascism and international terrorism”.. it’s a very clear game and a dangerous scandal, this kind of propaganda become clearly shamed and exposed, so be careful when you try to mask the truth because simply history will qualify you as a big “dishonest..falcifier..forger.. and professional liar”….
those who fear the truth try always to kill high voices, they contradict their big lies of “freedom and democracy”, they ban, they remove, they erase, they arrest, they torture, they kill too… we want to say to all of them, don’t have fear of those who manifest peacefully with their identities, dont be afraid of those who love peace and hate terror, because none between us support war and terrorism, none from us want punishment, just we want stop lies and unjust war on others, just we like to say we aren’t blinds or idiots, we need simply honesty and dignity, we work just to stir up the pricking of their conscience… so don’t be afraid of us but have panic of those who play the hypocrite with masked identities, those who will abandon you and escape on their magic helicopters upon the first debacle…be afraid of those who hate, of those who lie, because the history attest my friend that the lifetime of every lie is short, extremely short….

give your innermost a quiet rest and watch freely the truth:
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=94  Loose Change 2nd edition:  Was the United States Government criminally negligent in allowing the attacks of September 11th, 2001 to occur? This film shows shocking evidence about the Bush Administration involvement in the attacks and brings doubt to the official story of what happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on that fateful day.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=33  Fahrenheit 9/11:  Michael Moore’s Cannes Film Festival winning, record breaking and controversial film exposes ties between the Bush family, Bin Laden family and Saudi government as well as suggests the manipulation of the U.S. public by the Bush administration.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=40   CBC’s Conspiracy Theories:  Who bankrolled bin Laden? Why won’t George W. Bush crack down on the moneymen? This film highlights the ties between Bush, bin Laden and Saudi royal family.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=88  Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror:  Award-winning journalist John Pilger investigates the discrepancies between American and British claims for the ‘war on terror’ and the facts on the ground as he finds them in Afghanistan and Washington, DC.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=42  The Bush Family Fortunes : The Best Democracy Money Can Buy:  Shown on the BBC, this documentary discusses how the Bush family has used its wealth and power to manipulate U.S. policy as well as the Bush—Bin Laden ties. Here you will find the hard-hitting reports that have been seen in films like Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and used in Greg Palast´s best selling book.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=90  Unconstitutional: The War On Our Civil Liberties: “Unconstitutional” explores the USA Patriot Act, a law pushed by the Bush administration and passed quickly by Congress in the wake of the September 11th attacks, supposedly to protect Americans. This film provides the facts and stories that illuminate administration lies, wrongheaded policies, and the real victims of these actions–the American people.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=46  Uncovered: The war on Iraq:  “Uncovered” provides interviews with leading experts and officials all of whom possess informed opinions about the reasons we were given for war and the evidence presented to support those reasons. Some supported the war itself but are deeply concerned about the way information was misused.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=82  The Road To Guantanamo:  What would happen if you were on vacation in Afghanistan and were accused wrongly of being a terrorist and taken to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba? Winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, “The Road to Guantanamo” is the terrifying first-hand account and recreation of three innocent British citizens who were held there for two years. Charges were never brought against them.
http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=93 Why We Fight: This film tells telling us why – a nation of, by, and for the people has become the savings-and-loan of a system whose survival depends on a state of constant war.

http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=104 The Loss of Liberty: On June 8, 1967, Israel launched a two-hour air and naval attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, killing 34 and wounding 172 American servicemen. Was it an accident?

http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=100  The Invisible War: Did the U.S. government use harmful radioactive military weapons which hurt not only civilians but also its own military in the Gulf War? Listen to reports from both scientists and soldiers after the first Gulf War. This film is especially relevant since the same materials in question are being used in the current war in Iraq.

http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=106  Dispatches: The Killing Zone:  British journalists report on Israeli violence in Gaza against not only Palestinian civilians, but international aid volunteers and foreign reporters as well. This is their first hand account of the violence and what life in Gaza is like.
http://www.flachfilm.com/switch_lang.php?lang=en  the world according to Bush
and more ….. http://www.freedocumentaries.org/index.php

and be sure that (i personally as muslim, and arab) i don’t hate Bush as human, i feel pity for him, because he is actually in flagrant dilemma, he is truly alone like a blind surrounded by deaf… his government of liars and war lovers did badly not only to Arabs & Muslims but also to his faith and to his people and to his America… this isn’t America… this isn’t America….
President Eisenhower said (in farewell speech, January 1961): “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the military-industrial complex.” this is Eisenhower…
Can Bush become a peacemaker, has he courage to confess his blunders… can he work to stop this propaganda, can he rescue (at the very least) the nobility of his America??? perhaps, all with love and faith can be possible, perhaps he still have heart because he didnt prove at any time that he have strict mind, this is what anger analysts around the world said every time when he lunch a new speech on TV, Bush repeat the same script (al-Qaiida, ben-laden, iran, syria, terrorists, taliban hamas, fascism,…)…remember one day.. before 11 September 200? , we didn’t hear about this axe of evil, it was the same story of Regan with the “empire of evil” against USSR, a Hollywoodean scripts and Programmed Crimes called “War of domination, War of Oil”….


Sorry We Shot Your Kid, But Here’s $500

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For the entire war in Iraq, the press has been kept largely in the dark concerning the number of civilians killed by our forces, and what happened in the aftermath. Now several hundred files posted online reveal some of the true horror while raising questions about lack of compensation.

Here you will find, for example, that when the U.S. drops a bomb that goes awry, lands in an orchard, and does not detonate — until after a couple of kids go out to take a look — our military does not feel any moral or legal reason to compensate the family of the dead child because this is, after all, broadly speaking, a “combat situation.”

Also: What price (when we do pay) do we place on the life of a 9-year-old boy, shot by one of our soldiers who mistook his book bag for a bomb satchel? Would you believe $500? And when we shoot an Iraqi journalist on a bridge we shell out $2500 to his widow — but why not the measly $5000 she had requested?

This, and much more, is found in the new PDFs of Iraqi claims, which are usually denied.

Last June, The Boston Globe and The New York Times revealed that a local custom in Iraq known as “solatia” had now been adapted by the U.S. military — it means families receive financial compensation for physical damage or a loss of life. The Globe revealed that payoffs had “skyrocketed from just under $5 million in 2004 to almost $20 million last year, according to Pentagon financial data.”

In a column at that time, I asked: How common is the practice? And how many unnecessary deaths do the numbers seem to suggest?

It’s necessary to ask because the press generally has been denied information on civilian killings and, in recent years, it has become too dangerous in much of Iraq for reporters to go out and investigate shootings or alleged atrocities.

Now we have more evidence, thanks to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) request for files on payments by the military. The FOIA request produced 500 case studies, which deserve broad attention.

An Army spokesman told the New York Times that the total payments so far had reached at least $32 million. Yet this figure apparently includes only the payments made in this formal claim process that requires offiical approval. The many other “solatia” or “condolence payments” made informally at a unit commander’s discretion are not always included.

The ACLU site, http://www.aclu.org, now features a searchable database of reports (the ACLU is seeking more of them in case this is just the tip of the iceberg).

The New York Times comments today: “There is no way to know immediately whether disciplinary action or prosecution has resulted from the cases. Soldiers hand out instruction cards after mistakes are made, so Iraqis know where to file claims. …”

Exploring the case reports quickly turns disturbing. They often include the scrawled claims by a victim’s family member detailing a horrific accidental or deliberate killing (all names blacked out) and then a ruling by a U.S. Army captain or major with the Foreign Claims Commission.

Occasionally the officer orders a payment, although it can still make you scream, as for example: “Claimant alleges that her two brothers were returning home with groceries from their business, when U.S. troops shot and killed them, thinking they were insurgents with bombs in the bags. I recommend approving this claim in the amount of $5,OOO.”

More often the officer denies the claim due to alleged lack of evidence, or threatening behavior by the deceased (usually just failing to stop quickly enough while driving) or the death occurring in some sort of vague combat situation. Many of the denials seem arbitrary or unfair, particularly when the only reason cited is a “combat exemption” — as in the case of the dead kid in that orchard.

Then there’s this example:

“Claimant’s son and a friend were fishing, in a small boat, 15 kilometers north of Tikrit on the Tigres river at 2200 hours on 31 March 2005. The claimant and his son had fished the Tigres many nights recently, but the father did not join his son this night. U.S. Forces helicopters were flying overhead, like they usually did and there were no problems.

“A U.S. Forces HMMWV patrol pulled up to the beach near where they were fishing. The patrol had spotted and destroyed a boat earlier in the evening that had an RPG in it. They set off an illumination round and then opened fre. The claimant’s only son was shot and killed. His friend was injured, but managed to get the boat to the other side of the river. At the small village across the river they received medical help and were taken to the hospital. But, it was too late for the claimant’s son.

“The claimant and his son were huge supporters of democracy and up to this day held meetings and taught there friends about democracy. The claimant provided two witness statements, medical records, a death certificate, photographs and a scene sketch, all of which supported his claim.

“Opinion: There is sufficient evidence to indicate that U.S. Forces intentionally killed the claimant’s son. Unfortunately, those forces were involved in security operations at the time. Therefore, this case falls within the combat exception.”

Sometimes the Army officer, perhaps feeling a bit guilty for his ruling – or the whole war – authorizes a small payment in “condolence” money, which does not require admitting any wrongdoing on our part. One of the PDFs notes that a U.S. army memo states a maximum condolence payment scale: $2,500 for death, $500 for property, $1,000 for injury.


3 Sept. 2005.

Facts: Claimant alleges that a CF [coalition force] dropped a bomb in his orchard. The bomb allegedly did not explode upon impact. Claimant’s son went to investigate and was killed when the UXO detonated. Claimant’s cousin was seriously injured in the explosion. A couple of hours later, CF allegedly took the body and Claimant to LSA Anaconda for medical treatment. In support of their claims, the Claimants have offered witness statements, medical records from LSA Anaconda, and police and judicial reports.

Opinion: Under AR 27-20, paragraph 10-3, Claims arising “directly or indirectly” from combat sctivities of the US. Armed Forces are not payable. AR 27-20 defines combat activities as “Activities resulting directly or indirectly from action by the enemy, or by the U.S. Armed Forces engaged in armed conflict, or in immediate preparation for impending armed conflict.” Here, an airstrike clearly constitutes combat activity. While unfortunate, this claim is precluded from compensation under the combat exception.

Recommendation: The claim is denied


On 11 April 2005

Claimant’s father was allegedly killed by CF forces near the Samarra Museum&hellipClaimant says that his father was deaf and would not have heard danger nearby. The claimant did not personally witness the shooting and relies solely on eyewitnesses. Eye witnesses related that victim was shot by CF forces. The Claimant does not know if his father was shot by CF forces responding to an AIF attack, or whether CF fired directly on his father.

The claimant presented a claim in the amount of $4,000 on 21 November 2005.

RECOMMENDATION: this claim be denied.


Dec. 5 2005

Claimant alleges that on the above date at the above mentioned location, the child was outside playing by their gate and a stray bullet from a U.S. soldier hit their son in the head and killed him. The U.S. soldiers went to the boy’s funeral and apologized to the family and took their information to get to them, but never did. The child was nine years old and their only son.

I recommend approving this claim in the amount of $4,OOO.OO


Resource: Information Clearing House


من اجل كل هذا بدأنا المشروع

November 20, 2006 - One Response



سمعنا هذه الكلمات التي قطعت أفئدتنا

دون أن ينتفض أحد …………..ورأينا تلك الصور التي مزقت عيوننا دون ان يتحرك منا أحد

دون أن يبكي احد

إذا لم تغضب لهذا أيها المسلم

.. إذا لم تنفجر فيمن يدوس حرمتك أيها العربي

فمتى تغضب؟؟

ومرت الساعات والأيام والشهور ثم السنين على رسائل عتيقة جدا تنتظر رد الاعتبار لآلاف أسرانا في عسقلان ومن حيفا

, حمائم المهجرين والمنفيين منذ عام ثمان وأربعين لا تزال تنتظر فرصة العود لأعشاشها التي دفنت بين أروقة المخيمات و حطام المساجد, وظل من كتب له البقاء مضحيا على أرض المقدسات يرقب بصيص أمل قد يشرق يوما ما بين قضبان السياج الحافل بذكريات الدم الجاري بين الضفة والقطاع.

ويذبح لبنان في معرض السماسرة والمساومات

, ويغتال العراق لتباع أشلاءه في مزاد الأضحياتوليس بعيدا عن شواطئنا.. لا تكل عيون الثكالى واليتامى في أرض اعتنقت وحيدة وئيدة روح هذا الدين, تؤنس وحدتها بسؤال لا جواب له: “هل من امة ننتمي إليها؟“.. يذكرون بفخر يوم أهداهم فيه أجدادنا سيوف العزة والمجد, ليأتي أحفادهم وبئس الأحفاد في هذا الزمن ليسحبوا البساط من تحت أقدامهم, نهجرهم في زمن هو أحوج الناس فيه إلينا, لتختلي ذئاب الصرب بضعافهم, ليبادوا بأنياب من تبقى من خفافيش حقد الصليبو تصرخ سراييفو, وتلفظ سربرينيتشا أنفاسها الأخيرة دون أن يسمعها منا احد.. دون أن يبكي منا أحد.. واليوم بعدما تخلينا عنهمنسيناهم…….

كثيرون هم من يحلمون بحضن مساندتنا لهم……., من أبرياء كشمير وكابول والشيشان إلى قرابين عدالة أمريكا في غوانتانامو..

هم يجيدون تعبئة لوائح التهم لأبنائنا, أما نحن فنجيد التنصل من كل انتماءاتهم إلينا, مم نخاف؟ وعلام نخاف؟ أوليس كل شيء فان؟؟؟

وسئم كل هؤلاء سكوننا

..انتظروا طويلا.. طويلا طويلا طويلا.. ولم يصلهم منا شيء

لأجل كل هذا

لم نعد ننتظر من العرب شيئا

ولا من حكامهم شيئا

ولا من شعوبهم شيئا

ولا من غثاء السيل الذي يسري في جبالنا وسهولنا وروابينا أي شيء

فقدنا الثقة من كل الكلمات الرنانة ومن كل القصائد الموزونة

تلك التي كتبت حروفها بلغة القرآن دونما أن تحرك شعرة واحدة في كل شعوب أمة القرآن

لم نعد ننتظر من العرب شيئا

وجهتنا بعد اليوم………... ساحات كفاح جديدة أخرى

بعيدة عنا…….., وعن أراضينا التي أكلها الجفاف والجفاء والقحط

وجهتنا اليوم شعوب بيدها أن تغير…………, بيدها أن تخرج لتصرخ, لتحطم جدران الصمت لتتظاهر

وجهتنا اليوم ربما شجعان فنزويلا………, بيدها أن تخرج لتصرخ, لتحطم جدران الصمت لتتظاهر


ربما يعتبرنا البعض جبناء

ربما يعتبرنا البعض سلبيون باللجوء إلى محاورة الغرب بلغة الغرب

ربما يعتبره البعض خذلانا للأمة بالاستغناء عن الكفاح بلغتنا بين أبناء لغتنا

لكننا صدقنا سئمنا

سئمنا صمت أوثاننا القابعة فوق منصات الذل دون حراك

.. سئمنا سخافة أبناءنا الذين يصفقون عشرات المرات أمام صور الراقصات والمغنيات, ولا يجرؤون على مجرد الوقوف لحظة صمت أمام هول هذا الدم الطيار من جسد الأطفال والرضع والعائلات..

لم نعد ننتظر من العرب شيئا

.. لجوءنا إلى الغرب لجوء مؤرخ ومذكر, لجوء موضح للحقائق ومصحح للمفاهيم التي زيفوها عن ضحايانا منذ عشرات العقود والسنين.. نعلم أن فيهم أحرارا وأناس طيبون كثيرون, لا يجمعنا بهم إلا روابط الإنسانية التي يشترك فيها كل بني البشر, هؤلاء الذين يمقتون الظلم ويرفضون العدوان وما أكثرهم.. ما أكثرهم.. ما أكثرهم

كم نحتاج إلى وقوفهم اليوم إلى جانبنا

.. كل ما علينا فعله.. هو لم الشمل حول لب هذه القضية, هو توجيه سهامنا إلى مراكز القوة في العالم, فهم صوبوا سهامهم نحونا, ولا نملك إلا أن نردها إليهم


شاهدوا عظمة ديمقراطيتكم, وعدالتكم وقيم الأخوة والمساواة التي تتغنون بها…”

نؤمن كل الإيمان أن أطيافا كبيرة منهم تقبع في زخرف المغالطات والمؤامرات

, ولكننا اليوم وبذكاء المخلصين من أبناء أمتنا والغيورين عليها, سنستطيع اختيار الكلمة المناسبة للصورة المناسبة..

لغتنا اليوم لن تكون مقالات محبوكة

, ولا قصائد مفتعلة الميزان ولا خطبا طويلة وإن صدقت..

لغتنا اليوم نلخصها في جملة واحدة

دعوا الصورة تتكلم

سوف لن أطيل عليكم

, لأترككم مع تفاصيل المشروع, وما أبسطه.. كل ما نأمله منكم أنتم المؤمنون بهذه القضية وما أكثركم, هو الإسهام في المشروع بأشياء قد تراها بسيطة, لكنها عند الله عظيمة… “صورة مؤثرةأو شعار يحرك الضميرأو تصميم يخترق القلب فإن لم يحرك صاحبها جعلها على الأقل ينصف القضية أو يلتزم الحياد.. لأنه لا يملك أن يكذب الصورة.. فالصورة أمامه تتكلم

افعل شيئا ولا تنتظر الإجابة

, لكن كن واثقا انه ذات ستجد لعملك معنى لأنه سيسهم من حيث لا تحتسب في استفزاز رياح التغيير التي لا بد أن تهب يوما لأن دوام الحال دوما من المحال.. قد لا نملك أن نرى ثمرة تعبنا اليوم أو غدا.. لكن سيكون بذور الخير التي يجني أكلها أبناءنا, وسيذكرون بعد مماتنا أننا على الأقل تركنا لهم أرشيفا يفهمون من خلاله فظاعة الظلم الذي تعرض له آباءهم ولن يضيع حق وراءه مطالب أبدا

فحقنا أن يعترف الغرب بجرائمه ضدنا

, وان يكف أياديه عنا, وان نتخلص من هذا التجاهل الفظيع الذي يلف مجازرا ترتكب على أرضنا مع سبق الإصرار والترصد, من دون توقف, تنسف ضحكة أطفالنا, تسرق الدمع من عيون شيوخنا.. تهين كرامتنا وحقنا في العيش بأمن, في سلام, من دون معابر تفتيش ولا أبراج مراقبة ولا جدران عازلة ولا سجون مظلمة اعدت ليس للمجرمين من اللصوص بل للضعفاء وللأبرياءمن أجل كل هذا.. نسأل أن تتوحد جهود كل مصممينا ومفكرينا وفنانونا الشرفاء في مثل هذه المشاريع, والتي ستبقى خالدة مدى التاريخ

كتبنا الكثير واحترقت أصابعنا من فظاعة الألم

, ولم تغير حروفنا شيئا, صرخنا هتفنا ولم يغير صوتنا شيئا.. لم يبق إلا شيء واحد بعد التضحية بالنفس والحياة.. ان نستعمل الصورفلا تحتقروا قوة الصور.. قد تكون صورة تنشرهاأو لوحة ترسمهاأو لافتة تصممهاأقوى وقعا على أعداءنا من الصليبيين الجدد والصهاينة السفهاء من قنابلهم العنقودية والفسفورية وحتى النووية

فلتؤمنوا بصدق الفكرة

, ترجموها إلى تصميم, أضيفوا على الصورة بضع كلمات تحرق الأنفاس, كونوا أذكياء في اختيار الصورة وتوظيف الكلمة.. لكن ضع نصب عينيك انك لا تحدث العربي النائم الذي يعتقد انه ينعم في رياض الحرية بينما هو في الحقيقة سجين في زنزانة نفسهضع عينيك انك تخاطب الغرب بلغة الغرب.. فاحرص جيدا على اختيار الكلمات تلك التي تحمل روح جراحنا وفظاعة آلامنا وجنون حسرتنا وغضبنا وسخطنا





انتظرونا في تفصيل المشروع بالتفصيل على شبكة مذهل

بقلم: سليم مكي


Hello world!

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