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Gaza: Over & Over

A 70 pages document tries to summarize Israel’s military aggression on Gaza Strip from December 2008 until February 2009. It contains photos, data, reports and artworks related to the war .

Read Online: Issuu , Calameo

Download: MediaFire

Gaza: Oops They Did it Again

This project featuring Gaza’s Holocaust , Happened during Feb/March 2008

Read it on-line: Issuu

Download: MediaFire

Children: Victims of Israel

This Project is entitled with “Children, Victims of Israel” Where we reported some Israeli Inhumanity crimes against Children in Palestine…

Its our First Multi-Language Project… as it translated to Seven Languages….
You can get English, Indonesian, Iranian, Turkish, Arabic, French, and Russian …

English—-> MediaGire- English

French—-> MediaFire-French

Arabic—-> MediaFire – Arabic

Indonesian—> MediaFire-Indonesian

Turkish—> MediaFire-Turkish

Iranian—> MediaFire-Iranian

Russian—> MediaFire-Russian


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